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Desarrollo Personal | Nadia Trujillo
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Personal Development Programs

For women who want to create and belong to a support network where we will learn and empower ourselves together to have a fulfilling life.

Participate in workshops where you will learn powerful techniques and skills; and be part of a community where you can share and listen learnings in order to create the changes you want in your life.

Desarrollo Personal | Nadia Trujillo

Women believing in themselves and letting their true power come out.

As a result you will:

  • Know yourself and start pleasing you before pleasing others.

  • Identify those areas that will help you live from your best version.

  • Learn effective tools and techniques that can be applied immediately in all your roles: mom, spouse, colleague, executive, etc.

  • Be part of a support network in which we hold each other and empower ourselves together.

Desarrollo Personal | Nadia Trujillo
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