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Coaching en equipos | Nadia Trujillo
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Executive Coaching 1:1

For women who want to address their impostor syndrome (feelings of insecurity related to job accomplishments) and want to redefine their leadership style for a more authentic and powerful one.

Recognize your accomplishments and acknowledge your potential. You have come far because of you. Identify your strengths and areas of opportunity to consciously impact your leadership and continue to build success from a courageous, authentic and confident presence.

Coaching en equipos | Nadia Trujillo

Authentic and successful Executive women

As a result you will:

  • Identify the stories you have created for yourself around "how an executive woman should be/act," as well as create powerful stories that help you move forward with more determination.

  • Identify your strengths and leverage them to create exceptional results.

  • Lead from your authentic self and from your inner power.

  • Hold courageous conversations.

  • Ask for what you need.

Coaching en equipos | Nadia Trujillo
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