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- Nothing Truly Deters -

Female empowerment and team coach

I am a woman whose life was changed by coaching. From living playing small, meeting other people’s expectations before my own; to living playing big, being authentic, owning my life and fulfilling my dreams.

Nada Te Detiene | Nadia Trujillo

"I am certified as a Professional Co-Active Coach by The Co-Active Training Institute; as a Mental Fitness Coach by Positive Intelligence and in the 360° tool of The Leadership Circle Profile. I have also completed the Co-Active Leadership Program and the Organizational & Relationship Systems Coaching program by CRR Global.”

Coaching | Nadia Trujillo
Coaching | Nadia Trujillo
Coaching | Nadia Trujillo
Coaching | Nadia Trujillo
Coaching | Nadia Trujillo
Coaching | Nadia Trujillo

What you will achieve with me 

as your coach

"Know yourself, identify well what makes you shine, embrace it and shine so brightly that others light up when they are near you."

Coaching | Nadia Trujillo
Coaching en equipos | Nadia Trujillo
nothing stops you



Desarrollo Personal | Nadia Trujillo

Customers Testimonials

from some clients

Nadia Trujillo Brand-09.png

An excellent coach! This path of consciousness with Nadia's accompaniment has been of great depth and courage. Thank you Nadia for so much!!!!

Paola Hernandez

Nadia Trujillo Brand-09.png

I had the great opportunity to receive several coaching sessions with Nadia and I could certainly benefit from her vast experience and good treatment.

Ernesto Ortega

Nadia Trujillo Brand-09.png

Nadia is an amazing coach, she connects super well, she is very dedicated and professional, I hope to continue working with her.

Zonia Reyes

Nadia Trujillo Brand-09.png

As a professional Nadia exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge and experience shows in every interaction. Additionally she always shows a genuine interest in people and that generates great confidence.

Magaly Ivankovich

"Step away from the story that is holding you back. Step into the story you are willing to create"


Marianne Williamson

Desarrollo Personal | Nadia Trujillo
Desarrollo Personal | Nadia Trujillo

"One day you will wake up and discover that you no longer have time to do what you dreamed of. The time is now, take action!"

Oprah Winfrey


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